Asteroid Tip, something that has worked for me!

  • Asteroid Tip, something that has worked for me!

    Posted by transfiguration on September 26, 2022 at 1:42 am

    I just wanted to share something, that I’m guessing Kim wouldn’t think of… When I’m stumped on an asteroid, I search the Love Your Design website for that asteroid. Keeping in mind the flavor of the asteroid is effected by the gate Kim is discussing, I often can figure out more by reading what she said. It sparks my intuition! Kim’s book will be out soon, but I think that will always be a valuable way if “picking Kim’s brain” when she’s not on the spot. Also, I think this is the moment Kim would encourage you to post your questions here about an asteroid because she’s mentioned that on every Q&A so far!

    I figured Kim wouldn’t think of searching her website as a pro tip because she wrote the articles herself. 😃

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