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One of the things I love about HD is its ability to bring me back to myself, back to my centre. Over the years it has helped me expand into a greater recognition of my self, grounding in self-acceptance and appreciation for the unique bundle of cells that is me 🙂 In doing this, I’ve been able to open my mind and my heart to the world around me, forming deeper relationships with others and the world.

As an artist and art therapist, my practice has moved into a much deeper space as I blend HD (incorporating a greater sense of embodied wisdom) with creativity and making (opening up into the realm of imagination and possibilities).  What has opened up is a conversation about self-care and love that goes beyond any expectations and ideas….

My flow… When the timing is right (gate 5), my response allows me to create still and compassionate spaces (9-52), as I share my joy in creating complete perfection with the other (58-18) and expressing the depths of the beauty that lie within (48-16).