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Ha Ha Ha! What’s LOVE got to do with it?! My design is complex. The path to my throat meanders through two diversions and three centers including a D-Tour visit to my solar plexus authority. My decision paths thus are ridiculous: by the time I’ve made a decision, the setting has changed, so the decision process starts all over again. What I love about it? Entertainment I guess. At the end of the day, HD lets me sit back and watch it all -more and more- accept, trust, learn and also watch my mind in its demand to have a plan and to know. So, yes, I guess I LOVE my design and maybe what I like most is the channel of Romance  my emotional authority though it’s switched off in my interactive.

I don’t so much LOVE my format channels of Maturation and the Format channel of Concentration. Because the cyclical character of my life is compelling. I am frightfully focused on getting all my little and bigger projects into a box. I can build up immense physical tension there. It’s intense and possibly unhealthy.

Thankyou for this place. Kim’s approach gives me new perspectives to find fun and meaning in Human Design.